Preserve school property

Diane Pottorff

January 3, 2009

Dear Editor,

On a recent rainy Saturday morning I yearned to write this analytical letter on a subject that has been near and dear to my heart for a long time. The idea is a simple one: preserving the old Point Pleasant High School and recently Point Pleasant Middle School property for posterity where legions of Mason County youths attained their higher education.
My faithful memories go back to an era when the school buses had long benches running from front to back. We students sat facing each other, and to heck with worry over preserving ones shoeshine. The bus ride was indeed a treat for rural youths who then got a brief glimpse at their city brethren. Today in my 84 years, and as I drive by this yet splendid sturdy edifice, looking at the abandoned middle high school, I would wonder to myself, Why destroy such a sturdy structural institution that harbors so many gleeful memories and experiences of the thousands of past youths a place where we attained the true essence of a rounded education.
Yes, we students remember the many-esteemed school principals. My own recollection was of a pioneer family product, Peter H. Steinburgen. His commanding voice echoed over the schools P.A. system in a commanding manner. School days were our stature of becoming proud, valuable, contributing citizens then in quest of fitting into the America society work force.
These thoughts of times in wonderment, I think about and muse to myself, thinking Wouldnt this ole school make a fine museum to record the progress of our Mason County citizens and the entire state of West Virginia? To house part of our county antiquity, a virtue school-qualified personnel could project with and professionally bring it into reality.
Somehow I feel there are thousands of other Point Pleasant High School students out there who have nostalgic sentiments and would, as I, like to save the old edifice. We believe its only a fitting honor to remember all the good this ancient educational institution has given back to so many of us citizens. A remembrance to those dead and living individuals who helped shape our county and state destiny. Last but not least, our blessed and dedicated schoolteachers who help hone and shape our minds in the direction of future accomplishment upon the road of life.
Lets hear it for our alma mater, Point Pleasant High. Help preserve the ancient landmark for posterity and revere the hallowed ground on which the school of higher learning did in serving such a higher noble cause.
Lets hear it from former students who once frequented these hallowed halls, seeking our education that enabled us to make our mark in lifes society more noble and strong.
Archie Henry,
Gallipolis Ferry