Help stop lawsuit abuse Dear Editor


December 9, 2011

Help stop lawsuit abuse

Dear Editor,

Over the years, West Virginia has lost a lot to lawsuit abuse. Our state courts are often ranked last for legal fairness, and West Virginia has carried the unfortunate designation of a “Judicial Hellhole” for nearly a decade now. Outrageous instances of “jackpot justice” and personal injury greed have driven thousands of jobs out of state. West Virginia’s lack of a meaningful right of appeal alone has directly cost the state hundreds of jobs and more than $25 million in investment.

Frivolous lawsuit filings cost our school systems precious tax dollars, and have even jeopardized our parks and playgrounds. And a recent $91.5 million nursing care verdict could significantly impact long-term care for West Virginia seniors. West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse encourages local residents to join the fight against lawsuit abuse. With the support of more than 30,000 West Virginia households, West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse is working to educate the public on the negative impact that lawsuit abuse has on our everyday lives. West Virginia courts should be used for justice, not greed. Together we can put a stop to lawsuit abuse, before we lose too much.

Please visit today to find out how you can help.

Richie Heath, Executive Director

West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse


Businesses who take advantage of elderly should be ashamed

Dear Editor,

I think it’s absolutely terrible the way some businesses take advantage of people.

My recently widowed mother took her car to a tire place in [Mason County]. She asked if she needed new tires. The ‘gentleman’ assisting her told her that she definitely needed all four tires replaced. The two front ones were worn and had wires showing through, and the two back ones were cracking and had dry rot.

Her brother took the same car in five days later. He was told that the front ones probably needed to be replaced, but that was it. He [the brother] specifically asked about the back and was told they were fine.

I feel that trying to take advantage of an older lady that comes in alone is despicable. My entire family has frequented this particular business for years. No more. These greedy, deceitful ‘rich men’ can keep their tires. They’ve lost our business.

Lois McBeath