New Haven council holds first meeting of fiscal year


July 20, 2012

NEW HAVEN — The members of the Town of New Haven Council recently met for their first meeting of the new fiscal year, which was also the first meeting for new council members Amy Ferguson, Jessica Howard and Kenneth Vickers.

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns brought up during this first meeting was the fact the backup pump for the sewer plant has broken down, and reportedly needs to be repaired as quickly as possible. Supervisor Johnny Oldaker asked permission from the council to order the parts needed to fix the pump, and the estimated cost would be around $3100-$3400. Councilwoman Sarah Gibbs made a motion to approve Oldaker’s request with a second from Councilwoman Jessica Howard. Motion carried.

Also concerning wastewater, it was reported the service truck that is being leased was available for the council to view following the meeting. It was also announced that an engineer would be present on Monday, July 16 to assess the work required on 7th Street.

Concerning town employees, council members approved a motion for employees to pay 5 percent of their insurance, with a first from Councilwoman Amy Ferguson and a second from Councilman Jim Elias. This change was effective on the first payroll of July. It was also reported that one employee was offered to work 24 hours a week and had declined.

Concerning the street department, the town is working towards a solution to help local residents with debris left over from the recent storms and several options were discussed. It was also reported that the sign in front of City Hall was also damaged due to heavy winds. Council members stated they would like to see estimates for a new sign.

In other council news, it was reported from the police department that the Jeep needs a new transmission, which is estimated to cost $3250. Kyle McCormick is also six weeks into the academy. It was also reported that 170 people were present at the pool for the Fourth of July celebration.

Concerning the water department, Mayor George Gibbs asked for a complete list of billing at the next meeting. Recorder Roberta Hysell also updated the council on the “End of Summer, Back to School Bash,” which will be from 7-9 p.m. on Aug. 14.

A building permit was also approved for Ray Fields for a garage at 125 Hazelwood Drive. Also speaking to the council were Elnora Weaver, Clyde Weaver, and John Arnott. Arnott addressed the council concerning the denial of his building permit for a fence due to a right-of-way. Arnott asked for the use of the right-of-way and if it is ever needed by the town, he asked for a 30 day notice and the fence would be taken down.

Also during the meeting, Johnny Oldaker acknowledged the town workers for helping get the garbage truck repaired. Mayor Gibbs also wanted to acknowledge town workers, office workers, Chief Hardwick and the fire department for their work following the recent storms.

The minutes from the previous meeting were also read and approved with a first from Sarah Gibbs and a second from Elias. Accounts payable were approved with a first from Elias and a second from Gibbs. The financial report was also read and approved with a first from Elias and a second from Ferguson. All motions carried.

In addition to Mayor George Gibbs, council members present were Jessica Howard, Sarah Gibbs, Kenneth Vickers, Jim Elias, Amy Ferguson and Recorder Roberta Hysell.

The Town of New Haven Council will meet again at 6 p.m. on July 26.