Sewer rate increase passes


September 11, 2012

POINT PLEASANT — Point Pleasant City Council has unanimously voted on the third and final reading of an ordinance amendment implementing sewer rate increases.

These increases will go into effect 45 days from this past Monday which was the day council had its final reading and vote.

As previously reported, before members of the previous council left office, sewer raises were finally voted in earlier this summer. However, due to a discrepancy related to timing and filing issues in regards to the ordinance, the process had to start all over — at least the process of voting on the ordinance three times before it’s enacted. Even though there was a call for a new vote, there were no changes to the amendment’s language in regard to what the previous council voted in during their last meeting this past June.

The new amendment to the existing ordinance contains two phases of rate increases. In regard to the first phase, residential customers currently pay $4.62 per 1,000 gallons used — that will go to $5.90 per 1,000 gallons used with each customer being charged for a minimum of 3,000 gallons each month. This means, customers who use 3,000 gallons or less are currently being charged a minimum bill of $13.86 — this will go to $17.70 per month for that 3,000 gallons. The current Combined Sewer Overflow charge of $1.72 per 1,000 gallons for customers will also be removed and customers no longer charged this fee.

The raise in rates contained in phase two are as follows (this phase will not go into effect until the project is substantially completed) — customers will be charged $9 per 1,000 gallons of water with the customer continuing to be charged for a minimum of 3,000 gallons. This means customers who use 3,000 gallons or less of water will be charged a minimum of $27 per month.

The new sewer rates have been enacted to fund the North Point Pleasant Drainage Project and to maintain the existing sewer system.

In relation to the NPPDP, council members gave City Attorney RF Stein permission to enter into an agreement with Dave Tarbet to help collect around 30 right-of-ways needed for the NPPDP. The City of Point Pleasant must have 80 percent of the right-0f-ways for the project via the owners of affected property. The city has around 50 percent of these right-of-ways secured.

The project is 6,700 feet long with part of that across a large culvert. Engineers also recently went along the drainage route and marked it, allowing residents to see just where their property might be affected.