FEMA assistance deadline today


September 20, 2012

CHARLESTON — The deadline for state and local governments plus certain private non-profit organizations to apply for public assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is Sept. 21, 2012.

Federal aid is available to help offset expenses related to emergency work, debris removal and the repair or replacement of facilities damaged by the early summer severe storms and straight-line winds in late June.

Under the federal disaster declaration, 47 West Virginia counties are eligible for public assistance. To date, FEMA has received applications for more than 500 projects. Nearly $1.3 million in federal funds have been allocated for more than 500 projects.

Mason County is one of those 47 counties eligible for assistance and many local government agencies and municipalities have indicated they will seek this financial assistance.

For example, Point Pleasant City Clerk Amber Tatterson recently reported the city has turned in losses from the June storm to FEMA and could possibly be eligible to recoup around $60,000. This $60,000 has to do with paying workers for overtime, debris removal, wear and tear on equipment, fuel, extra dumping fees related to removal of trash and spoiled food, etc.

FEMA’s Public Assistance is a cost-sharing program with the State of West Virginia. FEMA pays 75 percent of eligible costs and the state is responsible for the remaining 25 percent.

“Public Assistance helps everyone - neighborhoods, cities, states, volunteer fire departments, and other eligible agencies,” said Federal Coordinating Officer Dolph Diemont. “We want to help communities recover as fast as possible from the impact of this disaster.”