Reader provides vote of confidence for Ryan Smith

October 12, 2012

Dear Editor,

I am very impressed by Ryan Smith and want to take this opportunity to share with the voters in this area my experience with Mr. Smith. After “The Storm” on June 29, 2012, our emergency management director was doing all he could do to get supplies to our area that were needed for the people of Vinton County, without much success. Ryan Smith and Josh Mandel came to Vinton County to check on the damages and to see what was needed. Our County Auditor Cindy Owens-Waugh informed them that we were having [trouble] getting ice. Mr. Smith dropped what he was doing and immediately started making phone calls. He found us a truck load of ice and a way to get it delivered to us. On July 4, while most people were having a picnic and spending time with their families and friends, Mr. Ryan Smith, came to McArthur to make sure the truck load of ice was delivered. There were volunteers there from all parts of Vinton County to get this much needed ice unloaded and squared away. This ice was unloaded, bag by bag, into a freezer as other ice was being distributed to needy people. Mr. Ryan Smith joined the volunteers in helping us unload 20 pallets of ice. He worked side-by-side with the volunteers until all of the ice was unloaded. In my opinion, if Mr. Smith worked that hard on July 4, I feel he will work very hard for our area. I ask that you vote for Mr. Ryan Smith for State Representative.

Thank You,

Randy Yates

Vinton County, Ohio