Mason to participate in Christian Heritage Week


October 16, 2012

MASON — At the most recent meeting of the Town of Mason Council, council members agreed to participate in Christian Heritage Week.

Mayor Mindy Kearns stated the council received a proclamation for this week and will send a copy to every church in the town. Councilman Nick Northup made a motion to participate, followed by a second from Councilwoman Michelle Pearson. Motion carried.

According to a release from Bruce Barilla, Statewide Promoter for Christian Heritage Week, this week will be the week of Thanksgiving, Nov. 18-24, and has been proclaimed annually in West Virginia since 1992. It was also reported that since 2001, mayors from 105 West Virginia cities, towns, and villages have also issued proclamations along with the proclamation from the Governor.

In the release, Barilla encourages churches to participate by holding relevant Sunday School lessons, sermons, patriotic song services, youth programs and prayer meeting. Governor Earl Ray Tomblin’s proclamation can also be viewed at

Also at the meeting, council members accepted a new cell phone policy concerning town workers. Kearns said the policy states town workers are to turn off their personal cell phones with they clock-in for work. They are permitted to use their cell phones during breaks or during lunch. Councilman James Pauley made the motion to accept with a second from Councilman Northup. Motion carried.

Council members also discussed the installation of new lights at railroad crossings around the town. Kearns announced at the meeting it will probably be another year before they are installed. Kearns explained, saying there wasn’t any particular item that delayed the installation, this was just the amount of time it would take to go through the necessary steps to install the lights.

Also at the meeting, council members discussed the completion date of the work on the shoulder of the road, which was reported on in a previous edition. Kearns stated she didn’t now know with the work would be completed and is planning to call again to find out.

In other council news, Councilman Pauley made a motion to purchase two color laser multi-function copiers for $1,100 plus $67.49 each for a two year extended warranty from Quality Sales and Service. Councilwoman Pearson seconded the motion. Motion carried. It was also added one copier will be for the police department and the other for the water office. Councilman Pauley also made a motion to send Paul Crump and one other town employee to a Judge training class on Nov. 2. The price for this class was $125 per person. Councilwoman Sarah Stover seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Also making personal appearances at the meeting were Peter Shepard, Larry Daniel, and Peggy Harless. Daniel stated he felt a speed limit sign should be put up on First Street. Mayor Mindy Kearns stated a sign has been put up, and the speed limit is 25 miles per hour.

The Christmas parade for the town was also set for 11 a.m. on Dec. 8. Following the parade, Santa will also be at the city building.

The minutes from the previous meeting were read and accepted with a motion from Councilman Northup and a second from Councilman Pauley. Bills were also presented for payment with a motion to accept from Councilman Northup and a second from Councilman Marty Yeager. Both motions carried.

In addition to Mayor Kearns, council members present were James Pauley, Nick Northup, Marty Yeager, Michelle Pearson, Sarah Stover and Recorder Dean Russell.

The Town of Mason Council will meet again at 6:30 p.m. on Oct. 18, in the town hall.