‘Hair We Go Again’

Jessica Patterson, Special to the Gallipolis Daily Tribune

August 28, 2013

GALLIPOLIS — The salon may be new, but Hair We Go Again is owned by two stylists who have been working in the Gallipolis community for years.

Sandi Darnbrough has been in the hair business for 35 years. When the building her old business was in was torn down, Darnbrough said she had nowhere to relocate and had to close up shop.

“If you look around town, you will see all the old houses and buildings that have been torn down, and mine got caught up in that,” Darnbrough said. “The only problem is once they tear you down, as a business, they don’t help you relocate or offer you a grant or anything. You’re just out on your own.”

After four years, she and new business partner Lori Nance found the site of a former salon and turned it into their own.

“It took us four years to find a building, because once you find one, it has to be brought up to code, which is very expensive, and landlords don’t want to do that,” Darnbrough said. “We were fortunate enough to find this. It was already a salon, the owners moved out, and we were able to move right in.”

Lori Nance, co-owner, said she enjoys being a stylist.

“I love anything and everything about it. I like making people look different than when they walked in,” Nance said. “If someone comes in with really long hair, I like making it short, layered, colored — going the whole nine yards.”

Nance said she is glad to finally have a salon to call her own.

I have waited 16 years to be a co-owner of a business, so this is my ultimate dream,” Nance said. “I did hair several different places before coming here.”

Darnbrough said she is glad to have the new salon because she has worked with hair her entire life.

“I’ve done hair my whole life. I don’t know anything else,” Darnbrough said. “This is all I’ve ever done since I was 18.”

Hair We Go Again is located at 311, Third Avenue in Gallipolis, next to the Gallipolis Municipal Building. The salon is opens at 10 a.m. Monday through Friday with walk-ins welcome. There is no set closing time. The phone number for Hair We Go Again is (740) 446-4442.