Tornadoes topple River Valley, 31-0

J.P. Davis Special to OVP

August 31, 2013

BIDWELL, Ohio — For the first time in five years, the River Valley Raiders lost their season opener to the Southern Tornadoes to the final score of 31-0. The visiting Tornadoes came into Raider Stadium with a vengeance from suffering a tough loss the previous season to River Valley at Racine with a final 13-12.

The Raiders (0-1) — playing in front of the home crowd for the first time this season — found themselves in a scoreless drought throughout the game. The Raiders fought courageously against Southern for the entire game and kept their heads held high from kickoff to the last possession of the ball game.

The Raiders had to punt the ball on their first drive, while the Tornadoes used their running attack and scored a touchdown on their opening drive.

Southern’s Tyler Barton scored the first touchdown of the Tornadoes’ season with a 24-yard pass from Tristen Wolfe. After the failed point after touchdown (PAT), the Tornadoes was ahead of the Raiders 6-0 and they never looked back.

The positive outlook for the Raiders in the first quarter was the interception reception by Austin Bradley in the end zone for the Raiders from Southern’s Tristen Wolfe.

Within 72 seconds into the second quarter, River Valley had a fumble and Southern capitalized the turnover with a 5-yard touchdown run by Tyler Barton.

Five minutes later into the second quarter, Southern had a 12-yard touchdown run by Paul Ramthun and with the failed PAT kick, the Tornadoes were up 18-0 to the Raiders. With 2:27 left in the first half, the Tornadoes scored another touchdown with a 19-yard run by Tristen Wolfe and a successful PAT kick, Southern’s lead was 25-0 going into halftime.

In the third quarter, River Valley and Southern walked away with no scores and two turnovers altogether. Southern walked away in the third quarter with five-first downs, while River Valley had one-first down. At the end of the third quarter, Southern continues with the lead of 25-0.

With five seconds into the start of the fourth quarter, Tyler Barton of Southern carried a 13-yard touchdown run and an unsuccessful PAT kick, the Tornadoes stretched the lead to later became the final score of 31-0. After the Tornadoes touchdown in the beginning of the fourth quarter, Southern had a forced fumble, while River Valley gave up a forced fumble and loss of downs to end the ball game with an overall score of 31-0 in favor of the Tornadoes.

River Valley’s Tyler Twyman was 0-for-1 passing for zero yards. Austin Bradley led the Raiders with 15 carries for a total of 59 rushing yards.

Josh Campbell had 14 carries for 44 yards and Twyman had four carries for 18 yards. Dustin Bickers had two carries for two yards and Tyler Ward added one carry for four yards.

Jaykob Mabe had 1 carry for 1 yard. The Raiders had a total rushing of 39 carries for 128 yards. The Raiders had seven first downs for the game, five penalties for 45 yards and three fumbles, two of which were lost.

Southern’s Tristen Wolfe led the Tornadoes with 5-of-7 passing for 51 yards, including one TD and one interception.

Tyler Barton led the Tornadoes in rushing with 21 carries for 151 yards and two touchdowns. Paul Ramthun had 12 carries for 76 yards and one touchdown.

Ryan Billingsley had five carries for 40 yards and Tristen Wolfe had six carries for 24 yards and one touchdown. Trenton Deem had two carries for one yard.

Zac Beegle had one carry for five yards. The Tornadoes had a total rushing of 47 carries for 287 yards. Tyler Barton led the Tornadoes in receiving of two receptions for 31 yards and one touchdown.

Ryan Billingsley had two receptions for 25 yards. Hunter Johnson had one reception for negative five yards. The Tornadoes had a total receiving of five receptions for 51 yards. The Tornadoes had 15 first downs for the game, six penalties for 45 yards and three turnovers.

The Raiders (0-1) return to action next Friday when they host Adena. Southern (1-0) returns to the gridiron when it travels to South Gallia for the TVC Hocking opener for both teams.