Vicious dogs, water leak discussed by council

Agnes Hapka

October 15, 2013

NEW HAVEN — Chief of Police David Hardwick updated members of New Haven town council on a vicious dog ordinance at the council’s recent meeting.

Hardwick said that under the ordinance, Mason County’s dog warden removed two dogs from the town of New Haven, after the animals reportedly killed several cats last week. He said that under the ordinance, the dogs are not allowed back into the town.

Council members present at the meeting were as follows: Mayor George Gibbs; Amy Ferguson; Sarah Gibbs; Jim Elias; Jessica Howard; Kenneth Vickers; Roberta Hysell.

Under old business, council continued last meeting’s discussion about closure of the community center due to an unpaid water bill. Pool manager Bernita Allen attended the meeting, bringing with her a water bill and termination notice. The bill, which included the cost of filling the pool for the summer, was unusually large. Previously, council member Kenneth Vickers had agreed to adjust the bill provided doing so would not violate any PSC laws. Council decided that office workers should contact Jim Eckerman of PSC for suggestions regarding the remaining balance on the community center balance.

Under other miscellaneous business, town employee Jamie Green has asked council to purchase a set of metric wrenches for use in his position and council member Jim Elias said he would check prices; Mayor Gibbs raised the subject of employees’ obtaining doctors’ releases before returning to work after an injury; City National Bank is working on getting services set up in the town. A resident raised the question of a sewer tap on his property; he stated that he felt he should not have to pay the sewer tap fee, since the tap had been installed on his property prior to his moving in. Council decided he is still responsible for the fee.

Under new business, council member Kenneth Vickers asked Mayor Gibbs to resign. Mayor Gibbs stated that he had no intention of doing so; he went on to say that he will have a written response ready at the next meeting. Also under new business, a town resident has reported trouble with her sewer. Town workers are going to investigate the problem. A craft bazaar has been set for November 2, and Santa will be at the fire station later that day.

Council member Kenneth Vickers asked council’s permission to have Daid Kearns make a frame for the floodplain map which will hang in city hall. The frame will cost between $50 and $75; council held a vote and all members voted to proceed with framing.

Council agreed to address various delapidated properties at the next meeting, which will be held at 6 p.m. on October 17 at the city hall.