Latest update on new sheriff’s department remodel

Beth Sergent

November 7, 2013

POINT PLEASANT — This week gypsum board arrived at the new Mason County Sheriff’s Department as the remodel continues, according to the latest construction status report.

The report was issued this week and is based upon minutes from the special project meeting held on Oct. 23 with Jerry Jones and Todd Lancaster from Lombardi Development (the contractor), County Administrator John Gerlach and Tom Cloer from Chapman Technical Group (project engineering firm) in attendance.

At the time of the meeting, it was reported the following was completed: The installation of metal stud walls was approximately 95 percent complete and the bulletproof sheathing installation was to be complete by the end of the day of the meeting. The electrical rough-in on the first floor was approximately 75 percent complete. The plumbing rough-in on the first floor was approximately 90 percent complete. The sewer and water line taps still had not been completed at the time of the meeting. The mason had completed approximately 50 percent of the Concrete Masonry Units (CMU) installation.

The proposed scheduled for the upcoming weeks (again, this meeting was on Oct. 23) included: Continue with masonry installation. Install the steel framing for the second and third floor elevator lobbies. Complete plumbing and electrical rough-in. Work could begin on the existing and new roof as well as the installation of first floor gypsum board. (As noted above, the gypsum board arrived this week).

At the meeting, Gerlach expressed concern the asphalt plants would close for the year before paving is completed. Additional underground work still needs to be completed in the parking lot however some of that work has been scheduled around the availability of the city to be on site to complete sewer and water taps. Additional underground work at the rear of the building is on hold while the masonry installation is underway. Cloer noted if the asphalt plants close for the year the paving may be delayed until spring. Jones stated Lombardi will make every effort to get the underground portion of the work completed and get the parking lot paved before the asphalt plants are closed for the year. Cloer also said if the paving is completed before the rest of the project is done, Lombardi will need to take care not to damage the newly installed asphalt during other construction activities.

It was also decided Lombardi would be responsible for the installation of the phone and data cable within the building and that the owner would be responsible for making the final connections to the phone and data line.

Cloer asked about the status of the West Virginia Division of Labor’s Prevailing Wage Investigation of Lombardi Development Company. Jones stated it was still on going and Lombardi was working with the WV Division of Labor to resolve any issues. Cloer asked Lombardi Development to please keep the Mason County Commission and Chapman Technical Group informed regarding the status or outcome of the discussions.

The next regularly scheduled project meeting is at 10 a.m., Thursday, Nov. 14. Notes for this article based on the most recent project meeting and are subject to change.