For the record

By Beth Sergent

November 21, 2013


The Mason County Sheriff’s Department reports the following recent arrests: James A. Artis, 31, Point Pleasant, possession with intent to deliver, arrested on Nov. 8 by Sgt. Fruth. Christopher Smalley, 37, Point Pleasant, DUI first, arrested on Nov. 8 by Sgt. Varian. Kimberly E. Carpenter, 26, Ashton, receiving and transferring stolen property, arrested on Nov. 13 by Sgt. Varian. Kristin J. Roberts, 31, Point Pleasant, capias, arrested on Nov. 13 by Home Confinement Officer Rice. Doris J. Keith, 53, Fairmont, fugitive from justice, arrested on Nov. 13 by Lt. Greene. John M. Leon, 31, Gallipolis, Ohio, fugitive from justice, arrested on Nov. 18 by Deputy Rhodes. Justin M. Jordan, 29, Mason, petit larceny, arrested on Nov. 19 by Sgt. Varian. Rhonda K. Young, 45, Point Pleasant, DUI, arrested on Nov. 20 by Cpl. Powell. Shayne Pennycuff, 42, Point Pleasant, capias, arrested on Nov. 20 by Sgt. Varian.


The following death certificates were recently filed in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley: Charles R. Chisholm, 74, West Columbia. Wilmarine Hill, 71, West Columbia. Cynthia L. Ross, 52, Pliny. Gregory S. Weethee, 44, Gallipolis Ferry. Gevetta Boles, 82, Point Pleasant. Homer O. Redman, 87, Mason. Chester W. Young, 60, Mason. Dana N. Barnett, 61, Point Pleasant. Betty M. Brumfield, 68, Ashton. Robert D. Brumfield, 62, Glenwood. Jean A. Cobb, 79, Point Pleasant. Jimmie E. Cottrell, 72, Point Pleasant. Sandra K. Dailey, 62, Gallipolis Ferry. David Martin, 61, Clifton. Wanda M. Potts, 59, Gallipolis Ferry. Kenneth L. Price, 78, Glenwood. Millie Scarberry, 60, Point Pleasant. Viola Watson, 77, Henderson. George F. Nichols, 72, Mason. Vesta I. Blankenship, 92, Point Pleasant. Luzia M. Bowser, 77, Gallipolis Ferry. Herman F. Buttrick, 61, Gallipolis Ferry. Phyllis J. Casey, 73, West Columbia. James M. Harper, 71, West Columbia. Winford E. Life, Jr., 63, Pomeroy, Ohio.