For the record

By Beth Sergent

November 21, 2013

Plea in meth case

Samantha S. Hale, 32, Huntington, was indicted by a September grand jury for operate or attempt to operate a clandestine drug lab, manufacture a controlled substance, conspiracy. According to papers filed in Circuit Clerk Bill Withers’ office, Hale appeared before Judge David W. Nibert last week to enter a plea of guilty to conspiracy with the condition the state dismiss the remaining charges. The sentence for conspiracy is imprisonment for not less than one nor more than five years, or by a fine of not more than $10,000 or in the discretion of the court, by both such imprisonment and fine. Hale’s sentencing is scheduled for 11 a.m., Dec. 23. Representing the state was R.F. Stein, Jr., from the Mason County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Hale was represented by Attorney Bryan Cromley.


The following marriage licenses were recently filed in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley: Jordan P. Smith, 21, West Columbia and Katelyn B. Harmon, 21, Henderson. James V. Piscopo, 33, Leon and Amanda D. Morrison, 29, Leon. James R. Maynard, II, 39, West Columbia and Ashley L. Large, 23, West Columbia. Jeremy C. Brannan, 37, Gallipolis Ferry and Crystal D. Flora, 36, Gallipolis Ferry. Robert A. Clark, 44, Milton and Brenda J. Hoeft, 55, Milton. Rocky C. Rupe, 24, Gallipolis Ferry and Emalea R. Neal, 24, Apple Grove. Ricky A. Jackson, 50, Gallipolis, Ohio and Diana H. Jackson, 50, Gallipolis, Ohio. Harland C. Knapp, 26, Point Pleasant and Elizabeth A. Keefer, 24, Point Pleasant. Joseph L. Odell, 34, Point Pleasant and Wendy L. Abrahamson, 31, Point Pleasant. Harry L. Queen, Jr., 24, Point Pleasant and Courtney R. Hudson, 21, Point Pleasant. Zachary M. Meadows, 23, Milton and Amanda D. Torres, 21, Fraziers Bottom. Shawn R. Peters, 29, Southside and Bethany N. Fetty, 22, Southside. James R. Walker, 46, Apple Grove and Christina S. Clay, 41, Apple Grove. Jonathan W. Reynolds, 36, Point Pleasant and Rachelle A. Miller, 23, Point Pleasant. Joseph M. Baker, 38, Point Pleasant and April D. McCloud, 21, Point Pleasant. Robert E. Fruth, II, 44, Point Pleasant and Sherry L. Eaves, 42, Point Pleasant. Michael J. Gordon, 41, New Haven and Amy D. Ferguson, 47, New Haven. Joseph B. Hostetler, 20, Ballard and Mary J. Brenneman, 20, Letart. James N. Lee, II, 25, Point Pleasant and Deidra L. Hall, 29, Point Pleasant. Joshua M. Morrison, 31, Ashton and Jessica A. Stanley, 32, Ashton. Timothy A. Peyton, 41, Milton and Kristina B. Vance, 33, Milton. Ronnie D. Robertson, 66, Ashton and Anita J. Wallace, 41, Ashton. Ronald D. Glenn, 26, Point Pleasant and Katrina M. Roush, 19, Mason. Ion Sanduleac, 25, Chicago, Ill. and Kayla R. Thorne, 19, Point Pleasant.