March 1 completion date for new sheriff’s department

By Beth Sergent

December 17, 2013

POINT PLEASANT — The remodel of the old Point Pleasant Hardware building, which will be the new home for the Mason County Sheriff’s Department, has a final completion date of March 1, 2014.

Along with the March completion date being discussed for the project, Jan. 30, 2014, was mentioned as the substantial completion date at the most recent construction meeting attended by Jerry Jones and Todd Lancaster from Lombardi Development, County Administrator John Gerlach and Tom Cloer from Chapman Technical Group. Cloer noted the “important” upcoming dates for the project.

As for the work completed as of last week’s meeting: The installation of gypsum board walls is 90 percent complete. The electrical installation is nearly complete with the power company having installed lines to the building and making final connections. The water line tap was completed by the City of Point Pleasant. The Foam Coat roof repairs on the existing building and the new rubber roof over the elevator addition are both complete. The second and third floor windows have been installed with the placement of sealant around the exterior perimeter of the windows still pending because of the cold temperatures. The storefront system of doors and windows has been installed at the front of the building though glazing on the storefront windows does not have proper factor installed tint.

The proposed work scheduled for this week and next: Begin installation of underground water line and gas line and set the gas meter. Electrician to continue pulling “homerun” writing and making connections in electrical panels. Plumber to set condensing units on the roof. Set furnaces and get permanent heat turned on in the building. Start finishing the gypsum board walls. Waiting on the elevator delivery for installation. Start repairs/reinstalltion of existing sidewalk.

After some discussion, those in the meeting decided the previously installed glazing in the front windows should be removed and replaced with the correct black factory window tint to prevent view into the building from the outside. This was prompted by a lack of factory installed window tint on the new storefront window system.

The gas meter will be relocated based on construction phase clearance requirements imposed by the power company and the fire marshal related to the equipment that was installed prior to the gas meter.

The elevator is scheduled for delivery and installation in mid-January.

The removal of storm water coming off the roof and through the downspouts was discussed with Gerlach saying the drainage system may not be the right option and he would discuss other options for underground drainage with the City of Point Pleasant and Mason County Commission.

Due to the Christmas holiday, there will be no meeting on Thursday, Dec. 26, instead the next regularly scheduled meeting will take place at 10 a.m., Jan. 2, 2014.