OVP area lands 13 on All-TVC Hocking baseball team

Alex Hawley

June 3, 2014

The Tri-Valley Conference Hocking Division coaches have selected the 2014 All-Conference team, led by league champion Wahama with five selections.

Senior catcher Wesley Harrison and senior pitcher/first baseman Hunter Bradley are both making their second All-TVC Hocking baseball appearance for the White Falcons. Making their first all-league baseball squad was WHS senior shortstop/pitcher Wyatt Zuspan, senior outfielder Kane Roush and junior pitcher/first baseman Garrett Miller. Bradley was named defensive player of the year for the White Falcons, who finished with a 13-3 league mark.

Southern, which tied for third with a 10-6 league mark, earned three spots on this years squad. Senior catcher Hunter Johnson earned his third straight TVC Hocking baseball honor, senior second baseman Trenton Deem earned a spot for the second straight year, while junior first baseman/pitcher Paul Ramthun made hit All-TVC Hocking baseball debut this year.

Eastern was 8-8 in the league this season which tied the with Belpre for fifth. Junior catcher Christian Speelman was named all-league for the second straight campaign, while senior outfielder Brandon Coleman and sophomore pitcher Cameron Richmond both earned their first All-TVC Hocking baseball honors.

South Gallia was 0-16 in league play this season and was represented by senior infielders Ethan Spurlock and T.G. Miller. This is the second straight season Spurlock has earned all-league baseball honors.

Trimble was second in the final standings with a 12-4 record and Tomcats’ catcher Caullin Lunsford was named offensive most valuable player. THS skipper Phil Faires was named Coach of the Year. Trimble earned four all-league selections, Federal Hocking (10-6) and Belpre (8-8) both had three, while Waterford (7-9) and Miller (4-12) both received two mentions.

WAHAMA (13-3): Hunter Bradley*, Wesley Harrison*, Wyatt Zuspan, Kane Roush and Garrett Miller.

TRIMBLE (12-4): Austin Downs*, Caullin Lunsford, Dante Brammer and Andrew Losey.

SOUTHERN (10-6): Trenton Deem*, Hunter Johnson** and Paul Ramthun.

FEDERAL HOCKING (10-6): Chris Baker*, Philip Hoffman and Devon Maxey.

EASTERN (8-8): Christian Speelman*, Cameron Richmond and Brandon Coleman.

BELPRE (8-8): Hayden Plummer*, Chayse Hostottle and Ryan Epperly.

WATERFORD (7-9): Isaac Huffman and Devin Farley.

MILLER (4-12): Garrett Sinift* and Hunter Starlin.

SOUTH GALLIA (0-16): Ethan Spurlock* and T.G. Miller.

Offesnive MVP: Caullin Lunsford (Trimble)

Defensive MVP: Hunter Bradley (Wahama)

Coach of the Year: Phil Faries (Trimble)