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The following sentencing order was recently filed in the office of Mason County Circuit Clerk Bill Withers: Martin R. Rogers, Jr., 27, Gallipolis Ferry, sentenced to one to 10 years in jail for grand larceny and one year in jail for fleeing, to be served concurrently. After this time is served, Rogers was then sentenced to one to 10 years for breaking and entering.

Property deeds

The following property deeds have been recently filed in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley: Norma L. Culver to Richard S. Culver, Robinson District. Roger L. Pearson to Howard L. Carr, LaDonna A. Carr, Clendenin District. Anthony L. Fields, executor of estate of Earl E. Fields to Kenneth Dodson, Irma Dodson, Graham District. Richard S. Culver to Richard S. Culver, Ute Culver, Robinson District. Wesleyan Holiness Bible College, formerly W.Va. Training School to Kenneth R. Gardner, Lewis District. John W. Hurlow, Darlene Hurlow to Stephanie A. Hurlow, Lewis District. Joseph O. Riffe, Leona L. Riffe to James G. Neville and Janet E. Neville, Cooper District. Margaret J. Stover, Glen Stover to Larry E. Rainey, Brenda Rainey, Clendenin District. Larry R. Scarberry, Barbara J. Scarberry to John M. Kay, Krystal R. Kay, Cooper District. Thomas A. Reitmire to Yvonna J. Stambaugh, Graham District.


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