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Brian Savilla,
Candidate for Secretary of State

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As a candidate, a public servant, and most importantly as a citizen, I am alarmed by the general apathy for voter fraud, as well as a progressive, liberal agenda put forward by the West Virginia Secretary of State’s office. When asked about voter fraud, it seems as though most politicians and media personalities see voter fraud as a non-issue. I’ve heard comments ranging from: “there have only been a few people convicted of it,” to “we don’t have any documented voter fraud in West Virginia or the United States.”

Maybe I am too passionate on this issue, but I feel if there is known voter fraud — even one case of it is too much, and creates something to be concerned about. The lack of putting emphasis on this issue is undermining our freedoms, our voice in government, and has obviously already hurt our reputation as a State. Others around the country already joke about our history of trading liquor or money for votes. There are several books written about the inherent corruption in our elections dating back decades. Ignoring a problem does not make it go away.

Currently in our state, we are testing pilot projects and pushing legislation to allow for the “Secretary of State Project” to become imbedded into the fabric of our elections. This project pushes for Internet Voting, Same-Day Voter Registration and Voting By Mail. All of these ideas are pushed with the intent of creating more opportunities for manipulating our elections. Nothing is safe on the Internet, the least of which, voting. Billions of dollars are lost through fraudulent internet transactions — yet, this progressive agenda attempts to trust our elections to the same level of security. The first time internet voting was tried in the US, a cartoon character named “Bendor” from the TV show “Futurama” was elected.

A PBS forum in Connecticut, which our current Secretary of State attended, hosted some of the greatest technological minds from our country’s major Universities. At that forum they discussed the numer ous dangers of Internet Voting, and even compared it to a “safe cigarette.” Voting By Mail and Same-Day Voter Registration take away any security measures we currently have for voting. This permits groups such as ACORN and Obama For America (OFA) to illegally mass register people and have polls flooded by fraudulent voters. These are not speculations; these are facts.

ACORN illegally registered people all over the country and OFA was recently exposed in allowing the double-registering of people to vote. Like a demon in the dark, this damaging agenda is quietly infiltrating our government. The progressive politicians and media are on the warpath to oppose Voter ID, even though a clear majority of the American public are in favor. Accusations of racism and disenfranchisement are hurled freely at those mentioning Voter ID. Our State leaders claim that it is too hard and expensive for everyone to get a photo ID these days. However, if you take just a moment to look you will see that it is those same leaders who made obtaining a drivers license this difficult. This year, West Virginia became the first state to adhere to the federal “Real ID Act.” This unneeded mandate is what caused the ridiculous requirements that we all must follow to now obtain a drivers license. So, if our leaders truly cared about the people and wanted them to be able to easily access a license or photo ID, then why did they pass the “Real ID Act?”

We must look at the big picture and all the facts be fore we make decisions. The mistakes made by the current Secretary of State are well known to the people of West Virginia. Unfortunately, her true agenda she pushes is something rarely talked of, nor acknowledged, as a real threat to our voice and freedoms. We the people must be educated about the candidates record AND, more importantly, their agendas. The truth is there — we must be vigilant to look for it as opposed to willful blindness by vague political rhetoric and media boiler-point messages. Thank you and God Bless! Brian Savilla, a resident of Mason County, is a current Delegate in the West Virginia House. He is running as a Republican for West Virginia Secretary of State.

Contact name to call if needed: Brian Savilla

Phone Number to call if needed: 3044371934

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